Thursday, August 24, 2006

Pat's Podcast Episode 32

The following is also cross-posted on my Health & Medical Wonders Text Blog, podcast site and my personal blog....

In this edition we have....

* Possible Bariatric (i.e. weight loss) surgery (Better known as "The Al Roker Proceedure")

* Promotion of my new Health & Medical Wonders Blog & VideoCast (With a possible podcast from a patient's perspective soon to follow if the demand exists)

* The latest on the relocation process.

PLUS the then-latest audio version of the Podcast & MORE!! CHECK IT OUT!!


- A Sound Seeing Tour Of The Taste Of Colorado (This will be very similar to what we did during the sound-seeing tour of The People's Fair in Episode 31 earlier this year).

EPISODE 34 - A Sound Seeing Tour of my new apartment, which will also be the new studio for The Pat Cook Show as well (I hope to make a seperate VIDEO tour for my VideoCast as well, but that depends on if I can get a good used camcorder really cheap somewhere like at a pawn shop or second hand outlet).

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Thursday, August 17, 2006


Just want to quickly announce that EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY my blog posts here will be cross-posted on my MySpace blog, which will consist of a combination of this blog, my personal blog & my medical text blog.


Monday, August 07, 2006

Epilepsy PSA

Courtesy of the Epilepsy Foundation via MySpace....

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Tour De Cure: Raising Money To Fight Diabetes

As a Ham Radio Operator, I once worked this event as a communicator.

But now that I have Diabetes myself, I can now truly see WHY people are so passionate about this fight and will stop at NOTHING to help find a cure.

Still not convinced? Here are a couple videos I found on MySpace which I think may just change your mind.

Get this video and more at
Get this video and more at

I urge you to visit the American Diabetes Association and make a donation today.

Can't donate money? No problem. The ADA Website has other ways in which you can contribute too.


DISCLOSURE: This videoblog entry IS IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM endorsed by the American Diabetes Association Any references to their resources are purely and simply that.

An Introduction To Diabetes

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United Cerebral Palsy PSA

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Contrary to popular belief, we ARE just as normal as you. We're just a little more physically challenged than the average, able-bodied person.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

An Introduction To Sleep Apnea

Courtesy of via Google Video....

Some GREAT News For Us Diabetics

Here's the first post in the new format that I've promised courtesy of The Health Ranger via Google Video.....